Elden Ring sets high standards for open world gaming. Given the nature of the game, there could be DLC expansions in the future, and if the new content is like previous FromSoftware games, Elden Ring could bring a whole new area with a variety of enemies, bosses, and weapons. Since the game already contains so much content, it may benefit from taking over features from previous FromSoftware games.

Elden Ring was a huge success for FromSoftware fans and players who may never have played a Soulsborne game before. The open-world concept of Elden Ring, along with its large number of characters and locations, leaves a lot of potential for future DLC. It's not uncommon for FromSoftware to subtly connect its games through indirect means, so the possibility of adding Trick Weapons to future Elden Ring content may please fans.

Elden Ring has a huge variety of weapons, and compared to other Soulsborne games, it places a strong emphasis on Elden Ring Runes and spells for more variety. Since Elden Ring adopts the fighting style of Dark Souls, the game's weapons also reflect many of the same weapon types. Aside from a select few excellent pieces of gear, Elden Ring's weapons follow the familiar formula of swords, axes, and polearms, all of which are useful on their own, but the game's Trick Weapons could be more diverse. Since the game introduces mounted combat and Ashes of War, Elden Ring already offers players the most options of any FromSoft game, so adding Trick Weapons could be an extra layer to the main game and PvP.

I think most of players can not help but notice there are some similarites between Elden ring and Bloodborne, so it's not a huge stretch for the developers to deliberately link the game to Trick Weapons. Future content for Elden Ring could introduce players to dreams or nightmares, similar to what players encountered in Bloodborne through Miquella (also known as St. Trina: God of Sleep). St. Trina's involvement in Elden Ring could be the perfect transition between Elden Ring and Bloodborne. In order to enjoy Elden Ring DLC and new skill weapons, I think it is very important that every fans need to complete all the quest and defeat all boss. But still it is exhausted that every player to collect tons of runes and other items to   accomplish all maps and acheivements in the game. Then you can Buy Elden Ring Items and runes with cheap price from Elden supporter, which is so convinent to save you lots of time.