Fix YouTube Premium family sharing not working

There are a number of things you can take to troubleshoot YouTube Premium family sharing if it isn't functioning for you. Here are a few probable answers:


By making sure they all abide by the YouTube Premium family sharing regulations, you can confirm that everyone in your family sharing plan is qualified. Each participant must be a citizen of the same country and have a Google Account.

Verify the family manager's YouTube Premium membership to ensure it is active and current. Verify the associated payment method for the subscription to make sure there are no issues.

Check the parameters for the family group: Verify that the family manager has properly configured the family group. They must have added users using the email addresses associated with their Google Accounts.

If family members are having trouble accessing YouTube Premium, family managers should resend invites to join the family group. accepting the invitation and acting in accordance with the guidelines provided.

If you're using the YouTube app on a mobile device, do the following. Clear the cache and data. By navigating to the settings on the smartphone, finding the Apps or Applications section, and choosing YouTube, you may clear the cache and data. After the app has been restarted, see if the family sharing issue is still present.

Sign in and out again: Log out of YouTube and back in to update the app's settings. This can sometimes resolve issues with connectivity or authentication.

Update the YouTube app on your device to make sure it's running the latest recent version. Versions that are too old might occasionally cause compatibility issues.

Contact YouTube customer support: If the problems still exist after attempting the aforementioned fixes, contact YouTube support. They can provide thorough guidance or investigate any potential account-related issues.
Always keep in mind that depending on the platform you're using (such as mobile, web, or smart TV), troubleshooting techniques may differ. Additionally, it's a good idea to search the YouTube Help Centre or community forums for any known issues or additional troubleshooting advice applicable to your circumstance.

After following the above steps if your YouTube Premium family sharing not working then we scuggest you contact YouTube Tech Support by dialing YouTube Phone number +1-888-625-2848 in PST busniess hours.